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Crypto Warz Guide


Dive into a new turn-based digital world with Crypto Warz. Dominate the field by joining forces with other players, empowering your recruits, trading the crypto market, and much more. Work to reach number one in the world, enjoy being able to trade with as much money as you can gain in game. Use turns to train one, two, or a hybrid of the following 3 types of character talents. Each has it's own advantage and special attacks against the others. Each can recruit their own types of followers.

Attacks - Use up to 15 attacks per hour. 3 attacks get replenished at the top of the hour.

Turns - Turns replenish every 5 minutes.

First Steps

Each account has the option to upgrade to 25 characters. At first, you will start with a single character to manage. From creation it is highly recommended to join or create a squad. Build friendships with others in order to maximize your chances of winning. You'll need friends and allies against all the other competition around!

While you're in contact with other players, start thinking of the type of character you want to build. Can choose from Investor, Influencer, and Doubter. Each has their own set of attacks and training talents.

Gaining Value

There are several ways to gain value. Based on the amount of followers and types of followers you have will determine how much value you will get in return for your turn usage. You can also "Asset raid" other players and if you are successful you can take their cash and even some of their cryptos! You can invest this money into your squad and the founder can purchase upgrades, or you can invest this value into your own character upgrades. Another option would be to invest it into the crypto market!

Crypto Markets

This is Crypto Warz right? You want to prove you're the best trader out there! You can invest the value you get from spending turns, withdrawing from your character bank, or from successful asset raids into two different crypto markets.

Types of Crypto Markets

  1. Real World Crypto Market
  2. In Game Crypto Market

Real World Crypto Market will be determined at the beginning of each round. Likely to be the top 50 cryptos and some community favorites based off forms and discord chats. The game allows you to invest in real world crypto prices with in-game value. Fun way to play with the market and learn/test how to trade without having to risk real money.
Note: All value gained in game is not real value, just pretend in game value.

In Game Crypto Market is a batch of fake and parody cryptos built out from our team and community suggestions. We have a Market News section to display random fictional messages that sway the cryptocurrencies one way or another. Read into the messages to gain a better understanding of what the market is up to. This way if the real world crypto market is super bearish, you can still have fun with the fake cryptos which we intend to be nearly as fun and volatile.


It's important to team up. Join a squad or upgrade and manage 25 character to control an entire squad. Build friendships with others, work together to take down others.

Squad Upgrades:

Staking Nodes - Start with 50 by default. Maximum of 500. Increase the amount of Bank Witholdings. Each mining rig pays out $100 per character.

Mining Facilities - Start with 25 by default. Maximum of 250. Increases the amount of investors that you get every 20 minutes. Followers replenish every :10, :30, :50 of the hour.

Private Jets - Start with 0 by default. Maximum of 100. Private Jets decreases the amount of turns and time it takes to fly to another city. Each Jet reduces cost to fly by 2 turns, maximum of 80, and each jet reduces the flight timer by 3 seconds

Squad upgrades replenish every :10, :30, :50 of the hour.

Character Types


crypto warz investor

Investors are diamond handed characters who will be a stronghold to your squad. The strongest of recruits, these bag holders are ready to eliminate other players investors and protect your assets.

Investors Recruits:

  • Newbies
  • Whales

Investors Stats:

Funding - Recruiting talent. The more funding you have, the more investors you are able to recruit with turns.

Strength - Attack talent. The higher the strength, the more powerful your investors are when asset raiding.

Investor Upgrades:

Insurance - Decrease how much people can steal from you

Accountants - Increase how much you can steal from others

Primary Attacks:

Asset Raid - Attack on other investors and shills in order to seize their assets by force

Intimidate - Funds are NOT Safu. You're forced stay home in fear of losing all your assets


crypto warz influencer

Influencers overall make a steady amount of money but can send 51% attacks to your enemies to lower their investors defense by 51%, this is the time to attack, wipe out their investors, and steal their assets.

Influencers Recruits:

  • Youtubers
  • Redditors
  • Anonymous

Influencers Stats:

Marketing - Recruiting and 51% Attack talent. The more funding you have, the more investors you are able to recruit with turns. Additionally, the more Marketing you have, the easier is it to infect your enemies with a 51% Attack.

Technical Analysis - BOG attack talent. The higher the stat, the more investor and doubter followers your enemy loses with BOG attack.

Intuition - Stealing talent

Influencers Upgrades:

Degrees - Increases Attack and Stealing talents

Advertising - Automatically recruits base amount of Influencer followers after 200 in Influencer stats

Primary Attacks:

51% Attack - Cuts Investors powers by 51% for a limited time

BOG - Influencers leave a character with a BOGGED debuff, rendering that character unable to use his own influencers for a certain amount of time. Because the users influencers are now BOGGED, investors go elsewhere and doubters begin doubting their own actions and explode from confusion.

Steal Influencers - If your Intuition stat is stronger than another players, you can outright steal their recruits with this attack.


crypto warz doubter

Doubters make the most money overall, they manipulate the market to their own benefit. Spread FUD to an enemy so they cannot call for reinforcements as they wallow in their fear and uncertainty. This will make it easy to single out a character and seize their value.

Doubters Recruits:

  • Karens
  • News Reporters
  • Politicians

Doubters Stats:

Cunning - Recruiting and FUD War talent. The more cunning you have, the more doubters you are able to recruit with turns. Additionally, the more Cunning you have, the easier it is to start a FUD War with an enemy.

Debate - Fake News attack talent. The higher the stat, the more investor and influencer followers your enemy loses with Fake News attack.

Recent Events - Stealing talent

Doubter Upgrades:

Lawyers - Increases Attack and Stealing talents

Rallies - Automatically recruits base amount of Doubter followers after 200 in Doubter stats. Followers replenish every :10, :30, :50 of the hour.

Primary Attacks:

FUD War - Isolates a user in fear for a limited time, unable to call for reinforcements from squad. Mining facilities and Staking Nodes also do not generate while under FUD War debuff.

Fake News - Forces the enemies Influencers and Investors to leave.

Steal Doubters - If your Recent Events stat is stronger than another players, you can outright steal their recruits with this attack.

Hired Help


Shills are hired reinforcements. With similar intentions as your investors, only difference being that they want to be paid extra for their own personal gains. Shills will add extra protection to your investors. Regardless of which stats you choose to train they can be purchased whenever. On top of initial payment, they also require to be paid a retainer fee in crypto, every 20 minutes.

Maximum Amount: 10,000